By the Grace of Dog By The Grace Of Dog gives you honest, clear guidance that you need to create the behaviors you desire in your relationship with your dog.

August 6, 2019  

In this episode Ana speaks with special guest Dr. Judy Jasek about best practices to handle itchy skin and other irritations.

June 18, 2019  

In this episode, Ana discusses some of the best tools you can arm yourself with when you move to a new home, how to meet the neighbors and how to keep yourself and your dog sane.

June 10, 2019  

In this episode Ana talks with her special guest Jordan Shoaf, owner of Train to Maintain, and the two give grooming guidance to help keep your dog looking and feeling happy and healthy. 

February 16, 2019  

In this episode, Ana discusses the rules of the household and what's appropriate and what's not based on what behaviors you'd like from your pets.

January 19, 2019  

In this episode Ana talks about her experiences with three separate clients and their varying commitment levels to their dogs and themselves and the training program.

October 12, 2018  

Ana discusses (rants?) dog training and the benefits of using a praised based method.

September 24, 2018  

In this episode, Ana talks about a topic that gets her fired up and has a lot of meaning for her.

January 22, 2018  

In this episode Ana answers questions from clients, some from callers, some from facebook and some walk-ins. She covers a lot here so get your pencil and paper ready.  

January 22, 2018  

In this episode Ana discusses the in's and out's and importance of puppy socialization. She examines the differences between socialization for socialization sake and the proper fit of socialization for you and your family and puppy.

July 3, 2017  

In this podcast extra Ana and Marissa talk about dog training and get into some of the fine details of the business of training dogs and their families.

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